Find The Solution You Need

Build a personalized platform.

 Make the most of your 9-to-5 with a personalized platform that transforms your payroll and employee management to work for you. You choose the services you need, and we’ll create a platform that handles all the details so you can get back to building your empire.

Full Service Payroll

Don’t risk an expensive mistake.

We know taxes can get confusing — especially when it feels like tax laws are changing every year. And one little mistake on taxes can be enormously costly. We created a payroll and tax management system that makes it easy to pay your employees and your taxes without worrying about a single error.

Recruiting & New Hire Onboarding

Find and welcome the cream of the crop.
When it comes to business success, a great team is half the battle. With our Recruiting and Onboarding process, you can post job openings, screen and track your applicants, and get all the forms you need so your new hire can get right to work.

Benefit Plan Maintenance

A simple way to look after your people.

Figuring out benefit plans for your employees can be tedious and takes up both your time and theirs. We offer a set of tools that allows you to manage and control multiple plan options, so your employees can take care of their own benefits while you take care of them.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Keep track of everyone’s hours in one place.

Don’t waste your time calculating and inputting employee hours. Our time and attendance solution lets your employees manage their schedules, punch in and out by location, and request time off. With our timekeeping system, you’ll track time and save time.

Employee Self-Service

All their information at their fingertips.

Don’t leave your employees fishing around in their emails for important documents and request sheets. With Employee Self-Service, they can access their tax documents, update their personal information, request PTO, and select benefit plans all in one centralized portal.

HR Support Center

Legal expertise for any sticky situation.

Tackle your toughest HR questions with a HR Help Center, complete with our library of Frequently Asked Questions and direct access to fully-certified legal experts who can guide you to solutions case by case.

Workers' Compensation

Protect your employees and your business.

If your employees get sick or injured on the job, they want to know you have their back. With our Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation plans, you can avoid lump sum payments, automate exact pay rather than estimates, and care for your employees while also looking out for your business — the best win-win situation.

Complex Payroll Solutions

Flexible solutions for all of your payroll needs.
We know that not all payrolls are made equal. Your payroll might include employees across multiple unions and states, union reporting on employee deductions and fringe benefits, shift differentials for your different employees, certified payroll reporting for government projects, and more. We can handle your unique situation to create a payroll solution that was made to work for you.
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