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Unemployment Claims Cost Control

The Problem

Unemployment claims drive up the cost of doing business by raising your state unemployment tax rate, which is a payroll tax.  One claim can cost your business more than $5,000 in increased taxes, on average.  If you are paying for lay offs, then of course it's okay.  But if your rate has been driven higher by former employees who collected unemployment benefits after being fired for misconduct or after quitting, then you are likely being taxed for paid out unemployment benefits that were undeserved and which could have been denied.



The Solution

Payroll Processors in conjunction with Personnel Planners provides a complete unemployment cost control service which tries and usually succeeds at blocking unwarranted claims.  We will act as your agent to:

Give advice to your managers at the time of separation, from the standpoint of the unemployment laws, to see if a separation might be successfully contestable before the unemployment system. 


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