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Paper vs. Web: what makes a better 401-k plan?

When it comes to a 401-k, the obstacle for most small businesses is cost and complexity.  Most small businesses think that they can’t afford a 401-k plan, or that it’s going to take too much time to manage.  Does this sound like you?

A web-based 401-k is ideal for small businesses as technology can be leveraged to simplify the set-up and day-to-day management of a 401-k plan and cut down on the expenses of paper-based 401-k.



Why a Web-based 401-k?

Low cost – Significant cost savings come from simplifying or even eliminating many of the tasks required to set up and maintain paper-based plans.  With new web technologies, providers can strip away many of the unnecessary expenses of traditional 401-k plans and cost savings can be passed onto you.

Ease of use - Online tools and up-to-date information make it easier for small businesses to walk through every step of the process, from plan set-up to ongoing management and live customer support.  Truly the best of both worlds!

Ease of management – On-demand, online tools greatly simplify the day-to-day management of a 401-k plan.  A plan can be managed 24 hours a day from anywhere.  Employers can manage census data, payroll data and generate a variety of reports.  Employees can enroll online, learn about their investments, select and modify them online and even adjust their portfolios whenever they need to.

In-depth investment education – This is a very important aspect of any 401-k and one that can be made even more effective with a web-based 401-k plan.  Instead of having to sift through stacks of generic, paper-based investment education booklets, with a Web-based 401-k plan, employees have access to a library of investment education and interactive calculators and questionnaires – all in one Website.


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